What’s the Buzz in Burleson?

I’m Cody O’Brien, and I created The Burleson Buzz online newsletter to use my passion for writing and storytelling to serve the need for local journalism in my community of Burleson, Texas.

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The Burleson Buzz features two weekly publications — The Burleson Buzz Weekly Newsletter published Fridays at 8 a.m. and The Burleson Buzzer-Beater sports-report published Mondays at 8 a.m. — and a monthly publication — Baking with The Buzz published the first Wednesday of every month at 8 a.m.

The Burleson Buzz Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter features links to news articles, news briefs and The Buzz Bulletin, a list of events happening around Burleson in the coming week. The news in the weekly newsletter covers the latest from the Burleson government, development around the city and more.

What to expect in the weekly newsletter:

The Burleson Buzzer-Beater

The Buzzer-Beater is a weekly report on sports around Burleson, primarily Burleson and Centennial high-school team sports.

What to expect in the Buzzer-Beater:

Baking with The Buzz

Baking with The Buzz is a monthly recipe-share from my wife, Alissa O’Brien, the best baker I know. She loves to make delicious and aesthetically-pleasing desserts, and I love to eat them.

What to expect in Baking with The Buzz:

How it works

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About the writer

Cody O’Brien, creator and writer of The Burleson Buzz

I’m Cody O’Brien, and I created The Burleson Buzz in May 2023 to use my passion and skills in writing, editing and storytelling to provide what I think is a vital service to my community.

I enjoy learning about my community through attending local government meetings, sporting events and other local events, and I’m happy to inform my community about what I learn.

I run The Burleson Buzz outside of my regular full-time job, but my goal is to work full-time for this publication by the end of 2024. Once I’m working on this full-time, I’ll be able to provide more valuable coverage of local news. I can’t get there without readers’ support, so I really appreciate everyone for subscribing to and sharing The Burleson Buzz.

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Bringing Burleson news.
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